What Sets Us Apart

Mission Driven

Neighborhood Development Company (“NDC”) is a mission-driven real estate development company.  We focus on projects that benefit our communities, drive stakeholder pride and generate excitement. NDC employs a methodical development strategy that prioritizes the needs and concerns of our local communities while achieving attractive investor returns.  We understand the importance of the environment and are committed to incorporating leading-edge sustainable elements into every one of our projects.

Core Values

Our mission is supported by a commitment to our core values.

Integrity & Accountability

NDC was founded in 1999 by D.C. resident, Adrian Washington, and we are a 100%  minority-owned company. Adrian’s core values are instilled in the team’s business practices each and every day, creating a strong corporate culture of trust, transparency and accountability.

Get It Done/Make It Happen Attitude

NDC approaches each and every project with a commitment to the community. NDC leads the way to make neighborhoods better.  Committed to spearheading community initiatives and working with strategic partners, NDC is dedicated to making it happen and getting it done!


NDC has a team of diverse professionals working together to build vibrant communities. Each team member brings their own set of skills and expertise to the commercial real estate development process. With strong leadership, a shared mission and community inclusion, the NDC team work together to make neighborhoods better.


NDC delivers quality projects with sustainability and efficiency, incorporating innovative technology. We adapt to market conditions and recognize the needs of the community. We are proud to be a small shop doing big work and ensuring all projects are delivered with excellence.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

NDC believes in diversity, equity, and inclusion in every part of our business. This is consistently reflected in our recruiting process, strategic partnerships and business practices.


NDC has won numerous awards over the years including:

These values have formed the foundation of our 24-year track record of success. With a diverse team, each project focuses on being mission-driven to build and improve the communities that we serve. This allows for NDC to deliver high quality projects faster and at lower cost while making neighborhoods better.


Strategic Partners

Full Integration

We control all elements of development in-house, including design, development, marketing, and management of our products. The integrated practices of NDC come together to help us better understand what our customers want. The result? Happier customers, better neighborhoods, and more successful investments.

Control All elements in-house
Customer ExperienceFrom beginning to end
QualityIn product delivery
Speed Working smarter and faster
DesignInnovation and sustainability
ROIImpactful investments

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