What Set’s NDC Apart

Neighborhood Development Company (“NDC”) is a mission-driven real estate development company.  We focus on projects that benefit our communities, drive stakeholder pride and generate excitement. NDC employs a methodical development strategy that prioritizes the needs and concerns of our local communities while achieving attractive investor returns.  We understand the importance of the environment and are committed to incorporating leading-edge sustainable elements into every one of our projects. For over two decades, NDC has been an award-winning leader in the industry, and we plan to continue on our successful trajectory.

The Three Ps


People, Planet, and Profit are the simple terms that ground a complex commitment to bring about intentional change to our stakeholders. When it comes to people, NDC considers the communities where we develop a top priority. We work with the community to solve for problems like housing shortages and food deserts, focusing on improving the existing community rather than displacing it. But there’s more to people than that. In addition to being 100% minority-owned and staffed by a team that is diverse in experience and background, NDC partners with builders who offer opportunities to people from underrepresented groups, offering them a chance at a stable career with real earning potential.


We believe in a legacy that includes the environment. We use sustainable building methods and environmentally conscious designs to reduce the carbon footprint of our projects and contribute to improving the planet. From recycled materials to energy-efficient buildings, each aspect of our projects takes steps to neutralize our impact on the environment.


The NDC team has continuously delivered to its investors. Through the years, NDC has faced multiple real estate cycles, political disruption, and social change and still recorded profits on each of its projects. Our partnerships with financial institutions, private owners, local governments, and communities have been carefully cultivated to create successful outcomes. We believe in our work, and NDC invests in each of our projects alongside our investors.

We’ve Been Noticed

NDC doesn’t have to speak for itself. Over the years, we have been recognized for our work and efforts on multiple fronts including:

In addition, our CEO and Founder, Adrian Washington is an industry leader, recognized for his innovation and efforts. In addition to honors and awards, including Real Leaders and Globe Street he is frequently featured in the news for his thought leadership.

Staying Power

NDC lives its commitment to success. Of the one million plus square feet of development to date, NDC has retained ownership of over a quarter-million square feet. Its commercial and residential developments continue with a development pipeline of over one million square feet. We’ve faced challenges, and we know what we need to do to keep to our 3 P mandate. If you are interested in learning more about NDC, contact us today.

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