Takoma Park, DC: A Place to Live, Work, and Thrive

In the upper Northeast corner of Washington, DC, just an easy Metro ride to downtown, lies Takoma Park — a designated historic district with a community built on access, inclusion, and activism that effortlessly weaves together a rich culinary tapestry and a vibrant cultural scene. Takoma Park is more than a residential area; it’s a place where neighbors become friends, and local events transform streets into lively social spaces. Whether visiting, residing, or establishing a business in the community, Takoma Park is an ideal location.

Takoma Park’s Culinary Delights

A trip to downtown Takoma Park is an easy way to get a feel for the appeal of the community to its residents and many visitors. With the Metro Station and ample parking, it is easy to come and enjoy the thriving culinary scene that includes many restaurants offering a dizzying variety of cuisines, from the healthy comfort food offered by Soupergirl to a menu that includes a la carte oysters at the recently opened Motorkat, the variety of offerings and ambiances will appeal to diners looking for a special experience. For those looking to make a meal at home, the Takoma Park Farmer’s Market offers fresh, organic options for healthy living, and many major grocery stores can also be found.

Cultural and Educational Opportunities

The Takoma Park community is committed to fostering creativity and joy through a variety of experiences. Takoma Park Arts offers year-round activities and programming for young and old alike, and the city government also has recreation activities for residents and visitors alike. Montgomery College and Washington Adventist University offer post-secondary education opportunities. Finally, the active Takoma Park Mainstreet association lists some establishments offering additional entertainment for shoppers, readers, and exercise enthusiasts.

Opportunities for Business

Takoma Park provides an ideal environment for commercial businesses due to its vibrant and diverse community, fostering a customer base that values local establishments. The combination of proximity to downtown Washington, DC, highly walkable residential and commercial streets, and an active and engaged community, ensures businesses benefit from the economic opportunities of a major metropolitan area, while the neighborhood’s unique charm attracts both residents and visitors. Additionally, Takoma Park’s well-connected transportation infrastructure, including a convenient metro system, facilitates accessibility, making it an attractive location for businesses aiming to reach a broad audience.

Walkable, Green, and Reenergizing

While the urban opportunities of Takoma Park are many and varied, the green spaces can’t be overlooked. With the popular Belle Ziegler Park, a pavilion can become a great party location. Nearby Sligo Creek Park offers miles of serene walking, running, and cycling and multiple athletic spots. For skating, art in the park, and other fun activities, the Takoma-Piney Branch Park is another of the outdoor opportunities available to residents and visitors alike.

A popular gem in the heart of the DMV area, Takoma Park is a destination to live, visit, work, and enjoy. Neighborhood Development Company (NDC) is proud and happy to contribute to the community with The Arbor at Takoma. Learn about the project and NDC’s remaining residential and commercial opportunities available at this development by contacting us today.

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