NDC Highlighted by JPMorgan Chase in Recent Video

As real estate developers with a focus on underserved communities, NDC has partnered with major financial institutions, establishing its reputation as an effective, committed resource for bringing renewal and vitality into every one of its projects. One partner, JPMorgan Chase, has invested billions of dollars into programs to promote housing and community equity, and the joint projects with NDC were featured in a recent video that was shared within JPMorgan Chase. NDC founder and CEO Adrian G. Washington stars and narrates an engaging piece that talks about the vital work being done in this partnership.

A Shining Example of Development at 1100 Eastern Avenue

Affordable housing, community enhancement, and economic opportunity came together at the 1100 Eastern Avenue project. A public-private partnership quarterbacked by NDC, with critical financing provided by JPMorgan Chase, this project delivered 63 units of affordable housing and ground-floor retail space occupied by businesses, including a daycare provider. NDC was an early recipient of Enterprise Community Partner’s Equitable Path Forward Growth Fund, an initiative JPMorgan Chase supported with a $40 million investment. This project was an important feature of the video, and it highlights how NDC worked with JPMorgan Chase to realize an important housing goal in the community. According to Washington, “NDC reflects what’s going on in the communities we serve.” Not only is the use important, but the design and function of the project were deliberately approached with the intention of enhancing, integrating with, and improving the existing community.

The NDC Approach Gets the Spotlight

The video makes a point of emphasizing that NDC has worked with JPMorgan Case for over a decade on multiple projects. In each instance, the goal has been to enhance not displace. As a mission-driven company, NDC has delivered millions of square feet of development in the Washington, DC, area, including 1,900 housing units. NDC has even more projects in the pipeline, building on its successes and continuing its partnerships with institutions like JPMorgan Chase. “We were flattered and pleased to be featured by Chase in this video,” said Washington. “Without their contribution, projects that bring so much benefit to the community can’t happen.”

Check out the video here.

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