NDC Develops More Green, Affordable Homes on High Street

Neighborhood Development Company (NDC) has once again embarked on a landmark project that unites its commitment to the 3 P’s: People, Planet, and Profit. Located in Ward 8, the project at 2352 High Street SE will transform a lot that has remained vacant for over ten years. This residential development will provide three-bedroom homes to twenty-two families at 60% and 80% of area median income. Located at the top of Maple View Place, the views will include the harbor. This project will be another landmark accomplishment for NDC.

Community Collaboration

NDC does not lightly undertake developments that have the capacity to transform a community. For the High Street Development project, NDC partnered and consulted with community representatives, Advisory Neighborhood Commission 8A, Ward 8 Councilmember Trayon White, Sr., and the Historical Anacostia Preservation Society to be certain that the project will enhance and benefit the existing community in terms of design, affordability, and contribution to the identified needs of the people of Ward 8. According to NDC Founder and CEO Adrian G. Washington, “We believe that our developments need to enhance the lives of the residents of the community, and we can’t do that without working with the community to ensure we are meeting needs and expectations.” Five years in the making, High Street demonstrates NDC’s commitment to collaborating with its neighbors.

Multiple Shades of Green

Every NDC project is completed with attention to the environment. High Street is no different. Using green construction materials and methods will focus on reducing waste and efficient construction. The homes will have solar panels on the roof, they will comply with Enterprise Green Community standards, and the project will be certified with Energy Star. From a local standpoint, the design deliberately preserves two beautiful heritage trees on the site and creates a large amount of green space for the residents.

In his letter of support for High Street Development, Councilmember White noted, “This initiative is a crucial step in addressing the pressing need for affordable homeownership in our community and signifies our shared commitment to improving the lives of our constituents.” NDC has a long history of investing in underserved communities, bringing much-needed development that is designed to enhance the lives of the residents and maintain and preserve the neighborhood. To learn more about High Street or how to become an investor with NDC, please contact us today.

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