Development With a Purpose Serves the Community

NDC has built its reputation and success on the 3 Ps of People, Planet, and Profit. Many of our projects are identified and developed in underserved communities. Here is a look at how our 3 Ps serve those communities.

Listening, Learning, and Implementing for the Community

As a native Washingtonian from a Ward that was often overlooked for development, NDC’s founder and CEO, Adrian Washington, takes the perspectives and opinions of the local community seriously when planning a project. Through conversations with the local community and careful research, NDC strives to meet current needs in a way that uplifts instead of displacing the community. For example, 3451 Benning Road is a development that solves a food desert, bringing a thoughtful resource to the neighborhood.

Green is the Color of Progress

From advanced construction techniques that minimize environmental impact to state-of-the-art building features that reduce the carbon footprint of the building, NDC is committed to the Planet in all its developments. Many of our larger projects include open park spaces, bike racks, proximity to public transportation, and other elements that help the occupants contribute to the environment.

Multi-layered Policies Leave Everyone Better Off

When it comes to Profit, NDC considers the community as much as the investors. Working with local companies in the construction process, NDC encourages the development to offer opportunities to workers who might otherwise be overlooked to move upwards in their careers. Our mixed-use retail, commercial, and office spaces recruit local businesses as occupants to enhance the community by its own members. Finally, we build housing that is affordable so that underserved communities can build equity and wealth through homeownership.

NDC has developed millions of square feet of space while maintaining its commitment to community. The 3 Ps uplift and enhance the lives of the residents in these communities while also offering a significant, consistent profit to investors. We are proud of our ability to bring development to underserved areas, doing so in a way that has a long-term, meaningful impact. Our investors have reaped the benefit of our strategy. Contact us to learn about the opportunities available to participate in our work.

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