We Build Strong Communities

We picked the name Neighborhood Development company because we believe in Community. Our business is to bring people together by building strong relationships that last. We see ourselves as a bridge between the many stakeholders who care about our investment in vibrant, successful communities and those who live and work there. Together with our strategic partners, financial stakeholders, people who live and work in and around our developments, government partners, and financial institutions, we ensure that our developments are a positive and lasting addition to the community.

Diversity in Development

Our projects target areas with clear needs that we address through a multidisciplinary approach to development. We provide solutions for a broad range of community challenges including affordable housing, food deserts, and space for local entrepreneurs using thoughtful engagement, careful planning, and strategic partnerships. Our projects offer unique opportunities for investors to achieve a balanced portfolio, while also contributing to sustainable construction, community improvement, and neighborhood growth.

If you want to be part of our community by becoming an investor, please contact us to find out how.

Team of Excellence

Adrian G. Washington CEO & Founder
Michaela Cancel PMP Senior Vice President
Mehul Vora Vice President
Joel Bonder
Joel F. Bonder General Counsel
Heather Howell
Heather Howell Chief People Person
Jingjing Liu
Jingjing Liu Associate Director
Kalkidan Makonnen Associate
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