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In conjunction with Mayor Bowser’s housing initiatives and her commitment to addressing the housing needs in Washington DC, the Neighborhood Development Company (NDC) has uniquely positioned itself to be a part of the solution to the DC housing supply crisis. Since 1999, NDC has identified neighborhoods with a combined need for community, housing, and commerce in which to develop mixed-use multifamily projects that fulfill NDC’s mission and focus of People, Planet, and Profit. With the launch of NDC Opportunistic Real Estate Fund I, LLC, NDC is making its proven model of success available to institutional and accredited investors.

NDC has been delivering excellence to communities and its investors for over 22 years. The focus begins with making a positive contribution to the community by offering affordable housing ownership or rental opportunities in development projects that also address underserved needs like medical or food deserts to better address the needs of these communities.  NDC’s sustainability and environmental commitment includes paying close attention to a variety of design elements that minimize long-term operational cost for renters and owners. NDC leverages its experience to manage cost and mitigate risk to investors with the goal of providing the maximum return. NDC’s confidence in its products is reflected in its commitment to always invest alongside its investors in every development project.

In keeping with NDC’s historical focus on mixed-income housing, the Fund will be meeting an urgent need. The current housing crisis in Washington DC has led to a decade-long government commitment to invest over $1 Billion to develop thousands of housing units, particularly in economically disadvantaged neighborhoods. With this in mind, NDC Opportunistic Real Estate Fund I, LLC, will raise and deploy $100 million over the next 2-3 years, and has already identified 3 seed development projects for its portfolio.

NDC is excited about the opportunity it is presenting with this Fund and how it will have a positive impact on the communities in which it develops. NDC Founder and CEO Adrian Washington believes that “Everyone deserves a beautiful place to come home to. Our goal is to benefit and improve the existing community, helping instead of displacing long-time residents through environmentally friendly and socially impactful development.”

NDC Opportunistic Real Estate Fund I, LLC’s diverse portfolio of investments will provide investors the opportunity to gain favorable returns in socially and environmentally responsible ways and allow them to report an investment that targets each of these issues.

To learn more about the Fund, we invite you to go to our website or contact Mehul Vora at mvora@neighborhooddevelopment.com.

Disclaimer: The information contained herein is provided for informational and discussion purposes only and is not, and may not, be relied on in any manner as legal, tax or investment advice or as an offer to sell or solicitation an interest in the Fund.  This blog may contain statements regarding our intent, believe or current expectorations; actual results may vary in a materially positive or negative manner.

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